Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean


Gloria Jean Wisnewski, age 14, wants her first kiss more than anything. Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Parents, friends, the sex ed teacher at school, and her Confirmation class catechists: everyone has opinions about what an eighth-grader should—and shouldn’t—do. Even her own body adds to the confusion with troubles of its own: she gets diagnosed with Celiac Disease (when the body cannot process gluten).

Now the rules are that she can’t kiss boys after they’ve eaten any one of the two-hundred-and-forty-seven things that can contain gluten. And since Catholic Communion has to have gluten, she begins to doubt her faith.

In a world of mixed messages, Gloria Jean starts to figure out how she’s supposed to follow the rules, even when she isn’t even sure what they are—especially when it comes to making out and making up with God.

Available at Pauline Books and Media, Amazon, and other fine book retailers.

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