ALM: Fave Book in Genre


Asking an avid reader their favorite book is a fool’s errand. I usually have to follow up with a question of my own–which genre? Because I can’t say that a picture book is my all-time favorite over a novel, and of novels, both middle grade and YA have such clutch-my-heart perfection about them, I can’t put one over the other.

So if I’m going to get specific, with my favorite of the genre of my book–young teen realistic/relationships–I’d have to say this  one is among my favorites. With regard to the religious aspect of my novel, Ten Commandments for Gloria Jean, I can’t say I have a favorite, meaning I literally cannot say. I used to work in Catholic publishing and have seen so many manuscripts, I don’t feel it fair or appropriate to comment on anything from that time in my life (which is when I read the majority of religious realistic fiction for young teens).


Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli.

I love the character of Stargirl. I love her goodness. I love lack of drama and despair. I love Spinelli’s trademark infusion of humor. I love the innocence of the teens, especially when it comes to relationships. I love how the “love” story is closer to authentic love than teen lust. A one-word summation: refreshing.

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