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To open this post, I would like to remember the dearly departed Songza, the web’s best music streaming service/app. An absolutely audio-ad FREE (theirs were just visual) source of music, this quirky, fun, amazing collection of amusingly title playlists just perfect for whatever mood, activity, genre, Songza is what got me through many long hours of writing and revising. It has fallen prey to “The Man” and sold itself out to Google Play music. While it’s great that its reach will extend further and more music can be added, you now have to pay (*shudder*) in order to not hear ads.

However, I will still use them almost exclusively over Pandora or Spotify, as the curated playlists are the best background noise and inspiration for anything I’m writing. A tense action scene in my WIP? Indie Under Pressure is my jam. A sweet romance scene? Indie Make Out makes it all the more tender. So, yes, I am a fan of indie rock/alternative musicians–especially for their lyrics. And Google Play powered by Songza just so happens to be the best source for new songs, bands, and sounds.

NO, I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post. I just love it so so much.

While I was writing Gloria Jean, two songs went through my head more than any others–so much so, I got permission to include meaningful lyrics.

Mumford and Sons’ “White Blank Page” and Casting Crowns’ “Your Love is Extravagant.”

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