This Just Happened


After a very intense month, around 3:45 pm EST today, I validated this crazy master document with the text of two novels I’ve been slaving away at the past few weeks.

Project A: The Graced, clocked in at about 51,517 words.

Project B: The Dream Maker, features a total of about 50,833 words.

All told, the word counts are as follows:
Scrivener – 102,350

Microsoft Word – 103,115

NaNoWriMo Official – 102, 748

My back hurts, my wrists are sore, and there are dirty dishes still in the sink, but I am done. It’s so incredibly exhilarating to be finished with these two manuscripts that have been on my heart for years. The hard work is done, and yet it is not.

For in the coming months, I will need to revise, edit, rewrite and rinse and repeat to have publishable work. But for now, I am content to get back to my regularly scheduled life. Advent is here, and I have several five-gallon bins of decorations to put out, a book full of cookie recipes to try, and a list more than a dozen people long to shop for.

If anyone out there wonders why someone would do something like this to themselves, or is afraid that life gets in the way, I think my experience shows that it can be done. It’s not just life that happens when you’re writing, but that writing should be happening in your life. And it is possible. You can do it. I believe in you.

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