Monkey off My Back

Like an adorable baby capuchin monkey, my manuscript has had my complete attention.


I mean…how can you say no to that face?

But then she started growing up and wouldn’t leave me alone.


Mommy, pay attention to me!

I fed her 10,000 words, and yet somehow I’m the one who gained all the weight. (Thanks, Panera!)

Finally, it got to the point (like with actual capuchin monkeys), it was time to get this draft off my back and out into the wild.



Don’t worry, honey. The editor is really, really nice!

So this month marks the official hand-over of draft to editor. Next steps may include having one or more reviewers go through it to verify certain information is accurate, though fictionalized. My little monkey likely won’t be back with nits to pick until late this summer. For now, I will toast to her success and check in on the plot bunnies who have been hiding in the most random places until I can deal with them.


 Our turn to play?

Uh oh.