We Are Taking Over the World

Okay, maybe just the publishing world. Also, stay tuned for the excitement at the end of this post!

Last night, I met with several alumni from Simmons’ Center for Children’s Literature. It was joyous to talk shop. Among us are beginning editors of books at wonderful houses, writers of books, teachers of books, sellers of books, and bloggers of books.

I so wish Fall 2011 catalogs were out so I can finally reveal the things I’m excited about.

Here’s two unrelated things:


  • Pearl by Jo Knowles


LOVE this cover!

Coming to bookshelves July 19. Who was at ALA and wants to give me an ARC?

  • Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Designers, THIS is how you do a covergirl cover. But that’s not the most important part of this excitement. Leigh originally submitted this ms on inkpop.com.  An editor from HarperCollins saw it, read, commented on it, and eventually bought it! Congratulations, Leigh!!! Dreams do come true, they can happen to you…

I always consider that old expression “When one door closes, God opens a window.” Well, then I’ll just open up every door, window, vent, and chimney flue to make it easier for Him!  I LOVE that writers are getting their stories read and the full-house support they need to reach more.

And finally…

Readers reports have been made for one of my mss! Currently, it’s just on the editor’s To-read-list. But hey, this means in some indeterminate amount of time, I will have a letter from a human about my book!

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