Cast that Book Game!

I do not have a real post. With whispers of who’s directing and who may like what part, it’s become the next water cooler talk now that the book’s out and read. Since many fans are already doing this, I thought I’d cast my ballot. And dream movie. And not just based on who’s hot right now or just plain hot-looking.

The Hunger Games:

Katniss Everdeen: Hailee Steinfeld (I like her sneer. She’s also slated to hold her weight alongside Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in the upcoming True Grit.)

Gale: Dev Patel (He has the Seam look about him, is endearing in SlumDog Millionaire, and this still has him angry.)

Peeta: Matt Lauria (Watch Friday Night Lights, the latest season. He’s an honest, humble young man with the strong body of a baker’s son. He can be my dandelion any day!)

Haymitch: Johnny Depp (I really don’t think I have to justify this. Except to say he’s better at becoming characters than Robert Downey, Jr. I just see RDJ no matter who he plays. And Randy Quaid is too old.)

Prim: Chloe Moretz (Her name has been floated in circles to play Katniss. I object!)

President Snow: Zeljiko Ivanek (First saw him in The Event, a TV show this season. He just oozes evil. )

Caesar Flickman: Anil Kapoor. (I can’t read the book without thinking of his performance as the host of India’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire.)

Rue: Bailee Madison (She’s supposed to be a darker-skinned doppleganger for Prim.)


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