Young Adult Lit = Profitable Movie

Let’s not touch the T-word. Instead, let’s talk about the hauntingly and beautifully sad Never Let Me Go (2005) getting released this fortnight. It’s one of those Brit indies and stars such talent as Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield (the new new Spiderman). Oscar bait? Perhaps. Three-hankie evening? Most definitely.

Oh, and Gary Ross http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002657/ quite possibly will helm The Hunger Games movie. Not till 2013 will we see the powerful series on the big screen. Post in the comments your wish list for actors. Right now, I just know I want an incredible visual experience and a not-starlet to play Katniss.

The Busyness of Being a Writer

It’s not all cups of tea and scribbling sentences in the park. I feel I must blog. I must enter blog contests to get my name and stories out there. I must read others’ blogs. I must read, read, read. I must review. I must support other writers with critiques (Go you!).  I love it, but I must not get paid for it, apparently.

New Addition

Check out the link “My Other Blogger Life.” I am contributing reviews and musings for Catholic women ages 11-30. If that is not you or anyone you know, forward it along to someone who is.


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