Summer Vacation isn’t Just for the Europeans

One thing you hear on morning “news” programs and in culture in general is that Europe essentially “shuts down” for the summer, especially in August. They take long “holidays” over there. I suppose that’s what I could call my extended absence from this blog – a holiday. Now, in the sweltering slog of August, I am oddly refreshed and ready muse on writing and embrace my writing muse.

Instead of the typical “What Did I Do on my Summer Vacation” or even the now-trite “What I DIDN’T Do on my SUmmer Vacation” essays, I have a different prompt. Because screw summer. Too hot.Writing about things you hate can be fun, but things turn angry. And ugly. To ease yourselves into harder work after a mental and carpal vacation, write with pleasure.

1. Pick a season/month/day you LOVE.

2. Then, using the first letter of that thing you love (imagine Old Spice Guy saying this to get you in the mood), make a list of everything you associate with it.

Mine is Fall: Fall leaves, football, fresh cider, French ki cinema, I mean CINEMA! Mmm…cinammon in apple pie

3. Lose yourself (as I did) and suddenly, you’re writing beyond the confines and exhilarated to continue.


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