If It had to be Someone Else, I’m Glad it’s You

Months ago I sent in an entry to the Associates of the Boston Public Library’s Children’s Writer-in-Residence grant. With the generous stipend and office of one’s own, the magnanimous private donor is giving you a part-time job wherein you get a salary. For writing fiction. It’s the dream. It’s what makes saving away at a “real” job and finding scraps of time to write after dinner worth it. If you can get it.

I did not get it.

But Elaine Dimopoulos did! Elaine is a lovely woman I’ve met at Simmons alumni events and a heckuva writer. Here’s her site: http://www.elainedimopoulos.com/

It’s always joyous to see our art supported in such ways, and even more so when it’s someone you know and like!

Congratulations, Elaine! We look forward to reading more of Eco-Chic!


3 thoughts on “If It had to be Someone Else, I’m Glad it’s You

  1. Sarah N Fisk says:

    Oh Britt, I’m sorry you didn’t get it. The writing life is such a hard decision to make sometimes (because it IS a decision we make every day)

    But I’m happy for your friend.

  2. Zareh says:

    If you keep applying, I’m sure you’ll get it one day! You’re a terrific writer!

    Sarah touches on a larger question that I ask myself almost daily: Why write at all? There are much easier, less angst-ridden and more lucrative, ways that an intelligent person can spend her time. And I may not be the most original of writers, but I can’t help feeling that it’s all been written by others, anyway. Of course, that last sentiment is more a statement of my own lack of imagination.


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