A Few Thoughts on BEA

1. It really was like Disney: Long lines for 30-second thrills (Saying hi to Roger Sutton). Pictures with characters (will add me+Olivia later!). Overpriced fast food (if you didn’t plan ahead). You’re enticed to buy more than you normally would (But if it’s not 2% more on top of 50% with FF on a lower than $250 min., it’s not a special to my work).

2. Ways it was not like Disney: Schedules for attractions not posted well-enough in advance. (One 10-year-old boy in Florida will not be the coolest kid in school with his ARC of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 5, sadly thanks to this).  No children (but plenty of children’s books and thoughts of them). Not outside (thanks be).

3. The 10 Little Penguins pop-up by Jean-Luc Fromental looks incredible, hilarious, and delightful.

4. Some indies seemed backed into a corner or at the back of the hall with the pigeons. Their small marketing budgets also mean fewer people attracted to the booths. I admit, I’m guilty of wanting to hit the guys with the goods first, but we shouldn’t discount them. Some may have real gems.

All in all, it was a great first experience for me. And unlike most Disney souvenirs, the ones from BEA will always fit, never fade, never break, never bore me. Publishers, I’m really appreciative. See you next year, if not before!


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